Q: Did Estonians make their clothes themselves? Were they the same for everybody?
A: Yes, they did and every parish had and still has its own traditional costume, i.e. their typical colours, cuts, patterns, etc.

Our national costumes may be divided into four main groups according to the location: South-Estonia, North-Estonia, West-Estonia and the Islands. Garments were usually made from the homespun woollen or linen fabric, most of the clothes remained undyed. The first full festive outfit of a national costume made for young boys and girls was made for their confirmations as an indicator of the right of passage to adulthood. The difference between the clothes of a single and married man was not so noticeable compared with the clothes of a single and married woman, or a married woman and a widow. Young single women wore a hair band or a garland, they did not have to wear an apron. A married woman had to cover her head and wear an apron.