Nowadays a folk instrument is usually bought in a shop or from a specialist maker of instruments. The making (crafting) of instruments has recently gained in popularity. There are organised special camps where, under the guidance of an experienced master craftsman, one can make an instrument of ones own.

It may be interesting to know that until the early 20th century, playing musical instruments was a male “monopoly” because it was considered an inappropriate activity for women.
Today special competitions to find the best players of folk instruments or camps for learning and playing folk instruments have added popularity to folk instruments.
Viljandi Culture Academy teaches folk music. The playing of folk instruments can be learned in our music schools where the most popular folk instruments are the violin, accordion and guitar.
In December 2012 Mooste School of Folk Music was opened. There one can learn to play the zither, violin, accordion, guitar and the Estonian concertina (lõõtspill). There are also other centres all over Estonia where people can learn to play folk instruments.

The folk bands have performed at song and dance festivals since 1970. During recent years we have had special celebrations for folk bands in the framework of all-Estonian festivals.
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